David Balkwell
Management Systems Specialist

David Balkwell is a much sought after expert on the subject of Management Systems – ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001. He one of only a very few active certification body assessors on the public speaking circuit; and has advised thousands of business leaders over the last 30 years

David began his working life as a junior Archaeologist in Chester and quickly became the City Museum Assistant Photographer

For five years he was a Building Regulator in Sheffield (1984 to 1989) responsible for Property Compliance Inspections, Dangerous Structures, Public Premises and Safety at Sport Grounds Licensing

For over ten years, David was a Certification Lead Assessor for The British Standards Institution (BSI) where he managed a team of 20 multidisciplinary lead assessors. It was there he developed his management systems skills based upon a detailed grounding in compliance

One of his last achievements in BSI was to become the co-founder of OHSAS18001:1999 

Since 1999 David has run his own business Balkwell Ltd – Specialising in Management System Consultancy Audit and Training

With over 30 years Management Systems Certification Experience and over 7000 days of Certification Assessment Experience to share – David has engaged with 15 Accredited Certification Bodies providing Certification Assessment, Technical Support, Witnessed Assessments and Training

Management Systems, Audit, Consultancy and Training